1 Day Trip to Bhangarh from Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital city of the princely state of Rajasthan, which needs no introduction, its palaces, food, markets, are rapidly spreading its name worldwide as a global tourist destination. 

Nearby Jaipur, there are a lot of destinations for a single-day outing. Ranging between 50–150Km, these places are ideal for tourists to explore a Rajasthani culture that is not clad in pink yet is marvelous. 

One such destination is — Bhangarh, which is cited as one of the scariest places in the world by everyone having their version of stories to tell. This place has created a stir among the visitors. 

Currently, I am in my hometown Jaipur on a Diwali break so, I planned this short trip to Bhangarh.

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Trip to Bhangarh

Journey Begins from Jaipur 

Bhangarh is located 85KM from Jaipur on the Agra-Jaipur Highway ( NH ). We started at 8:30 Am from Jaipur city towards this site. Our first stop was to have some crispy samosas at a shop in one of the prominent areas of Jaipur. 

The morning fog was embracing, and a chilling breeze was hinting about the arrival of winters. The route started with ancient ruins on the outskirts of Jaipur, with Aravali hills blocking sunlight partially, but still, the sun was able to sneak on the road. 

After crossing the roads, we were on the highway ( NH), and the throttle of the bike was squeezed to the fullest, as it was the right time to skip suburb traffic.

Road Conditions on Trip to Bhangarh 

The road is in excellent condition, so you can expect to manage a decent speed to reach bhangarh. There are a lot of small-mid sized eateries on the way, but don’t expect any big branded food chain on the route. 

You can always stop for kulhad Tea on any of these spots and can find some bikers chilling around.

Make sure to withdraw some cash well in advance as the village area might not have a network or digital payment options.

Route description ( with Map ) 

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Bhangarh is in the sainthal district of Alwar, the road is in good condition till Bapi, after that till location it is slightly disrupted. 


Bhangarh has an interesting story associated with it. Click here to read.

Nestle in between Aravalli hill, the ruins are visible from a distance. The main gate has a ticket counter and unplanned vehicle parking along with some local vendors selling lemonade, sugarcane juice, depending upon the season. 

You will be welcome by some monkeys on the way, so keep the belongings intact.


Payment can be made either by digital method or cash. Charges are different depending on the country of tourist.  


Fort is open from — 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all days of the week. 

Trip to Bhangarh
Ticket Charges

On the right side of the gate, a temple is located, which is very popular among locals as they offer holy prasad to the shrine.

If you move further, there is a map of the entire premises.

Inside Map 
Trip to Bhangarh

The place replicates the ruins of Hampi, it looks like a local market, houses, temples, or in other words, the entire city has got a wave of destruction.

There is a straight path leading to the fortress, which has ruins of markets on either side of it. 

Inside the premises, there is a small gate which further has an entrance to the castle. It consists of two temples on either side of the fort and a pond. The other two temples are quite far from the fortress. 

The place is in a large area, so you can visit and spend 2–3 hrs exploring the location.

You can visit the nearby city if there is a plan to stay overnight. 

Overall a nice place to visit, but it is also a victim of littering and encroachment. Also, I saw some of the parts of the fort had people performing some rituals that were not so welcoming. So try to ignore and don’t bother them if you encounter such people. 

Visit the place, explore, enjoy, support locals, and be safe. If you are looking to stay overnight and visit some more places nearby, you can look at some of the below in Dausa.


It is the city near the fort. If you are feeling down to move back again to Jaipur, try visiting this city and explore some of the below places.

Places to visit in Dausa 

Return to Jaipur 

You can return via the same highway, as we have done after completing our trip to Bhangarh, and if you are traveling in a car, do make a return from the ghat ki ghuni tunnel. 

The architects have created this wonder as a blend of technology+heritage. 

Also, if you are traveling from South Jaipur, do check the ring road status before starting your trip, as the ring road can reduce your travel time.

I hope you have enjoyed the trip to Bhangarh. 

Thank you for staying with us. 

Stay tuned !!

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