10 Different Types of Coffee | Some fun facts about Coffee

It’s chilling weather, as in India we are welcoming the winters. I am writing this story about coffee and it’s giving immense pleasure to write about it, as I am sipping this relaxing drink while writing.

On my recent trip to Sakhleshpur, Karnataka. I got to know more about the Coffee plantation, its types, and how the redbuds of Coffee turn to dark brown when they come to the market.

In this post, let’s discuss the 3rd most popularly consumed beverage in the world (after Water and Tea), some unknown facts, and tips about this aromatic beverage.

Keep calm, we are not going to talk about the Dalgona coffee that was popular in lockdown, but before we start let’s take you to coffee farms and what they say about Coffee Production.

What is Coffee? How they make it?

It’s a drink comprises of a concoction of roasted coffee beans, grown in high altitude areas. Berries turn from green to red (i believe traffic signal got its inspiration from these beans ).

The coffee beans are picked, processed, and kept in the sun for drying which is followed by the roasting process according to the requested flavor.

After the roasting process, Coffee is grounded and prepared with different variations according to the location of its service. The ideal places to grow coffee are the areas with elevation.

The plantation is cover with trees as coffee plants don’t grow well with direct light.

Biggest Producer of Coffee – Brazil is the top producer of Coffee and Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producer.

Biggest Consumer of Coffee – Finland consumes maximum coffee, next is Norway.

Which is the most expensive coffee in the world?  

The most expensive coffee is kopi luwak which comes from Indonesia.

Kopi luwak is made by feeding coffee cherries to Asian Palm Civet, and the coffee gets fermented in his intestines, which are later picked when the animal defecates.

It might sound weird but this coffee still ranges to 600-700 USD per KG.

Even I was shocked when I saw where the most expensive coffee came from.

Below are some more interesting facts and tips about the most popular styles of coffee.

So keep your coffee mug in hands and stay with us in this journey of Different types of Coffee !!!


A cup of Espresso

It is an Italian version of Coffee, in which a small amount of Boiling water is added to finely grounded coffee beans.

It’s serving size is 30ml which is also termed as a single shot of espresso.

Tip– Try an Italian Dessert, Affogato, by topping vanilla ice cream over Espresso.   

2. Doppio

A cup of Doppio or double shot espresso

This is Expresso*2 or in other words, when 60 ml espresso is served, it is called Doppio or double shot espresso and single shot espresso is called Solo.

 Tip – Please don’t divert your mind into other drinks which are served in 30-60 ml 😉

3. Cafe’ Americano

A cup of Americano on a hill top

This beverage is very popular as a pre-workout drink and most trainers are recommend this beverage so you can lift the extra weights.

Fun Fact –

There is a small belief that this variant of coffee originated during World war-2. When the American Army used to take this combination of water and coffee so they can save their supplies.

World war has given lots of inventions in terms of food, like using semolina in Idli when there was a shortage of rice in India. You can visit the best IDLI joints in the Bengaluru page to read the full story.

4 Cappuccino (With Milk)

Cappuccino - milk foam in the espresso

The white heart on top of the coffee, seen in most coffee joints is a unique way to propose the one you like.

Barista makes this coffee by adding milk foam in the espresso and later garnishing with cinnamon or chocolate powder.

Fun Fact –

The record for most Cappuccinos made in one hour is 420 and was achieved by Liza Thomas in Queensland, Australia, on 9 December 2018.

5. Cafe’ Latte’ (With Milk)

A cup of Cafe Latte with a leaf art

This is a combination of milk and coffee and is a milder version of Cappuccino. It’s colder version is ” Ice Latte’ ” which is also very popular.  

Tip – To prepare the best Latte’ you need both hands, so keep cellphone on the side while making it.

6. Cafe Mocha

Cafe mocha

This drink is a chocolate flavor variety of Latte’ and it is very popular due to its tinge of chocolaty taste, which makes the drink more soothing and nectarous.

Also served as Cold coffee.

Fun Fact –

Mocha coffee beans were named on Mocha port in Yemen, from where the different types of beans were shipped to other countries.

7. Turkish Coffee

A Coffee from Yemen - Turkish coffee

This Coffee is from Yemen and later became popular in the ottoman empire and got its name as Turkish Coffee.

The potion is prepared by adding the coffee powder to boiling water, later straining, and garnishing it with foam.

Fun Fact – In Turkey bride gives her judgement on her future groom, by putting salt in his coffee, if there is a lot of salt she doesn’t like him, if there is moderate or low salt then the chances are there that girl is ready to marry him.

All my bachelor readers if you visit any house in Turkey, make sure you hide the salt container.

8. Irish Coffee : 

Irish Coffee

All my liquor lover friends must have started yawning till now but they should not as this Coffee has will take care of them.

Consisting of Coffee, Irish Whiskey, sugar and topped with cream.

This alcohol-based drink might not make you tipsy but yes it will improve your mood, mostly consumed as an aperitif. 

Tip – you can always tell your wife you are going out for coffee and the best part it this drink is available in Bars J

9. Yuan Yang Coffee

Yuan Yang - A tea cum coffee

Also known as Kopi Cham in Malaysia and Spreeze in Ethiopia.

Yuan Yang drink is a mixture of both Tea and Coffee with a ratio of 7:3 respectively and can be served in both hot and cold variants.

Tip – If next time someone put a poll about tea or coffee lover, bring them to hold by answering Yuan Yang.

10. Filter Coffee ( My Favorite )

South famous Filter Coffee

Filter coffee is coffee decoction and milk, boiling milk for a longer time on a slow flame making it frothy and binds well with coffee giving a caramelized taste.

Tip – Try Famous South Indian Idli and Dosa with Filter coffee.

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