Bangalore to Udupi A thrilling 4-day Trip


Hello Readers and Friends !!!!!!

I used to be a person with laid back attitude, bike trips were my pastime, but those trips used to be a one-day excursion, and I used to travel in a radius of 100-150 km.
Gokarna and The Gigantic Shiva in Murudeshwar were always on my bucket list, however, wasn’t getting out of my zone to travel a 500 Km radius Bike Trip.

But the passion wins over convenience, finally decided to take this trip to a beautiful serene seaside journey, through the western ghats of India, starting from Bangalore to Udupi via varanga, Hassan, and Agumbe to Gokarna via Murudeshwar.

Will the Journey be an enlightened one or it will be a nightmare of a trip? Scroll down to know further   !!!!

Lets start this Journey with a Smile and a deep calm breath

Duration of the Trip – 4 Days and 3 Nights  ( wish it could have been infinite)
Cost of the entire trip –  8-10 K  ( depends on the Traveller how much they wish to invest on their Trip )
Mode of Travel – Bike
Travel Route  –   Bangalore- Hassan – Sakhleshpur –Kudremukh – Agumbe – Varanga – Udupi – Maravanthe – Murdeshwar – Yana – Gokarna – Davangere – Bangalore

Day 1- Bangalore- Hassan

Neelamangala highway
Bangalore to Udupi
Neelamangala Highway

We left from Bangalore in the early evening hours from Neelmangala highway to reach Hassan city.

Welcome To hassan
Bangalore to Udupi

Hassan City is named after the Hasanamba temple: The Goddess of Shakti.

Hassan is the most suited base and the nearest center to explore Belur, Halebid, and Sravanabelagola. The tourist centers of a great relic.
Known for its invigorating climate, Hassan accounts for 80% of India’s coffee production and exports with abundant farms in Sakhleshpur and Chickmangaluru.

We stopped over here for a stay, as the next day was big with a lot of places to cover and Hassan is one of the main cities where good accommodation options are available, prior booking will be an advantage.

We had our dinner in Jain mess, it’s a must-try place, it serves amazing vegetarian food, you will feel like your granny has cooked food for you.

TIP – NON VEG Options are less, as there is JAIN TEMPLE nearby.

Day 2- Hassan – Varanga – Udupi

The next morning, before the sunrise, we headed to Varanga, the road to take for this unexplored temple is  “Belur – Agumbe – Udupi Road”.

This single-lane road, with coffee plantations covered under the trees and sparkle of sunlight falling on them,  was a real delight to watch, this road is a paradise for bikers.

Tea gardens on the way to varanga
Bangalore to Udupi

Note: fewer petrol pumps and mechanic shops, so make sure your vehicle is in good condition.

On the way to Varanga – Agumbe, we took a break and tried the traditional malenadu style breakfast at Belur and with traditional filter coffee. 

When passing by these lovely plantations,  you can spot multiple COFFEE SHOPS  with breakfast items. Hot chocolate and coffee are Must try.

Bangalore to Udupi

We resumed our journey passing by Chickmangaluru outskirts, the drive was a smooth and chilled breeze was embracing us, soon after a drive of 2 Hrs, we reached Cherrapunji of South – AGUMBE.

Agumbe is a hamlet located in Malnad region of Karnataka, in Shivamogga District.

 It receives 7,000+ mm of rainfalls annually hence received the Title “Cherrapunji of South India”.

The weather was pleasant. We rested there for a while and visited some viewpoints and resumed our Journey towards  Varanga – the unexplored Jain Temple.

Varanga Temple
Bangalore to Udupi
Varanga Jain Temple

Varanga Jain Temple

This Jain Temple is located 39 km from Udupi. It’s an 800+-year-old temple. Also known as Kere Basadi.

This temple is dedicated to 23rd Tirthankara of Jain Community, Lord Parshwanth.

Varanga is surrounded by the lake and mountains. This 4 faced Temple is one of the eldest temples in Jain Culture. It looks renovated, possessing a modern look like the large marble tiles that surround the outer wall, but if you visit the temple inside you can see the historic architecture.

The lake outside the temple was dry as our journey was prior monsoon.

But as per the locals, once the lake is full of rich aquatic life as the lake caters to water lilies, water snakes, and a wide variety of fishes. The best part is that you need to take a boat to reach the temple when it’s full also this temple gives looks like a lotus in the pond when the water is full.

Kere Yori song from Kannada Movie Mugulu Nage was shot here in 2017.

TIP – Carry some food and water, as this has very limited civilization so you might not get your favorite munchies or short eats.

I didn’t took anything and so was roaming like Angry …. Na Na …. HUNGRY BIRD.

After having a peaceful journey till Varanga from Bengaluru with small hills, towns, villages, the Malgudi days look-alike houses (I still remember the opening song of the show). We started our circuit towards our next destination, which is also one of the largest city of Karnataka.


Kaup Beach in udupi from different views
Bangalore to Udupi

It is an influential Vaishnavite coastal town in South Karnataka. It is located 381-km from the capital Bangalore and the third-largest city in Karnataka. Udupi district is known for its delicious cuisine and one can find Udupi restaurants all over the country.

Besides being a Core for Education, Social and Religious activities, the city is also a lovable tourist spot. 

Places to visit in UDUPI: The city hosts many tourist Places, below are some of the must visit :

  • St Mary Islands
  • Malpe Beach
  • Kaup Beach
  • Shri Krishna Matha Temple

Sri Krishna Matha Temple:

Krishna math is associated with the Great epic Mahabharata – when the Kaurav’s and Pandav’s were about to begin the MAHABHARATA when all the rulers were busy preparing for the biggest Battle of History. The King of Udupi went to Lord Krishna and took the responsibility to prepare food for both armies. Krishna happily allotted him and his army the duty to prepare the Meals for both the armies.

No wonder with God’s blessing on Udupi, their food is one of the most delicious food in the entire region.  

The temple of Shri Krishna is made here in resemblance of this past.

The unique thing about the temple is ,the deity is visible through the silver-plated window with nine holes – Navagraha kindi.

St Mary Islands :

Coconut tree in a line at St. Mary Island udupi
Bangalore to Udupi
Ballistic Lava Rocks of Island
Ballistic Lava Rocks of Island

The group of islands has been an important part in our history as Vasco Da Gama landed to these islands his journey is mentioned on the boards on the Malpe Island.

Info board regarding Vasco Da Gama landed  at St. mary island udupi
Bangalore to Udupi

There are ferries which operate from Malpe beach, to and from St Mary’s Island. Do carry water as the island is free from Vendors and also DO NOT LITTER.

Malpe Beach

Bangalore to Udupi

this is the main beach of Udupi, it has a great nightlife, water sports are available, the view from Malpe to St Mary’s island is simply superb, if you are in Udupi you should never miss this beach this beach resembles Arambol beach of Goa

Bangalore to Udupi
Malpe Beach
Bangalore to Udupi
Dustbin with Satire to Mankind

From Malpe beach there is an undisclosed road to Kaup beach, its an 8 Km stretch with roads next to the small villages primarily habituated by the Fishing community.  The road is perfectly seclude and favorable for day travel and Photography, please do not try in night for safety reasons.

Bangalore to Udupi
Bangalore to Udupi
Road from Malpe to Kaup Beach
Kaup Beach

This beach is located 13 KM from Udupi on the Mangaluru Highway, a Beautiful place to spend your evening in Udupi. The view of the beach and sunset from the Lighthouse is a beautiful combination.

It is advisable to travel the place just before sunset, so one can enjoy the rare combination, the beachside has small shops which sells water, and some refreshments, bhelpuri is a must-try here, also Do not miss the sunset view from Kaup Lighthouse, the lighthouse is operational from  5:30 Am to 6:30 Am and 4:00 PM to Sunset. Its Entry FEE is  INR 10/- Rs per person.

Tip – The stairs are small and steep so be careful while climbing inside the lighthouse.

Must try Food in Udupi – Neer Dosa, Mangalore Buns, Kotte kadubu and coastal foods.

For an overnight stay, there are some very good hotels available as per the budget and preferences of the traveler.

lets walk down from lighthouse udupi
lets walk down

OOH looks like the journey is over ?

Noooooo , The game’s not over yet  

Stay with me for more exploration on this trip lot of fun lot of excitement and a lot of places are waiting for us to explore together.

To be Continued Maravanthe – Murudeshwar – Gokarna.

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