Bangalore to Mysore Detailed trip 2 Days

Bangalore to Mysore a Journey worth taking?

Namaskara !!!

It’s a weekend trip from Bangalore to Mysore as we had some great experiences in the past visiting the beaches on The West and East coast.
This time we are taking a 2 DAY TRIP FROM BANGALORE TO MYSORE AND SHIVANASAMUNDRA by exploring all the pitstops and their specialty.

So lets start this Journey with a Smile and a deep calm breath

  • Duration of the Trip – 2 Days
  • Cost of the entire trip – 5000
  • Mode of Travel – Bike
  • Travel Route  –  Bangalore – Bidadi – Ramnagar -Channapatna- Maddur – Shivanasamundra – Mandya – Mysore

Day Begins

We started our journey at 5:00 AM from Bangalore to Mysore. Till Mandya, we took Mysore road and from Mandya took a diversion towards mavalli road. There is an alternative Route from Bangalore via Kanakpura to the falls, but we chose this road as it is one of the Great food trails, and all major stops have something special to offer.

Let me take you to all these places and their specialties before we reach the destination.

Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller

Apart from renowned waterpark Wonderla and Innovative Film City ( not so innovative though ), this small town is famous for “Thatte Idli” a larger flatter variant of the traditional south Indian Idli with a garnish of butter(Benne in Local Language).

Thatte Idli |Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller
Thatte Idly Garnished with Butter and Served with Chutney ( Image Courtesy – Wikipedia )

Our next stop is a group of hills on those a Very Famous Bollywood Movie Sholay shoot.

The Locals must have guessed it – It’s Ramanagaram.
Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller
Ramanagaram ( Image Courtesy – Wikipedia )

These hills are good for trekking for beginners and bird watching, and with a lot of food joints, this small town is great fun and a perfect half-day outing spot.

Moving forward, we arrive in Channapatna city which is famous for its wooden toys and Crockery. Toy town is the nickname of Channapatna.

Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller
Land of Toys ( Image Courtesy – Wikipedia )

After these great places with significance of their own we were on our voyage towards the Falls.

Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller

Before taking the diversion towards Mavalli Road, we had some tea and the very famous Maddur Vada.

Maddur Vada has a very interesting story behind its origin, so by the time, we are driving towards the Gigantic Shivanasamundram Falls. let’s check out the History of this snack.  

How Maddur Vada was Born ?

The Vada has a very delightful history. It was the Pre-Independence era of India, Ramachandra Budhya was running a Vegetarian Restaurant at the Maddur railway station in Karnataka. This Restaurant Served idli, vada, and pakodas to the train passengers traveling between Mysore and Bengaluru.

One fine day the restaurant was running a bit late in frying the usual pakodas, for the incoming train passengers. Instantly, he compiled the ingredients together to prepare at the earliest something for the passengers to munch when they arrive.

That day a great culinary masterwork invented, which became very popular among the locals and the passers-by.

Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller
Maddur Vada with Chutney ( Image Courtesy – Wikipedia )

While describing about the towns on Mysore Road , we now reached the Gigantic Shivanasamudra Waterfalls.

Shivanasamudra Falls

Shivanasamudra Falls are roaring on the banks of the river Kaveri, the falls are First Hydro-Electric Power Stations in Asia.

Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller

The falls huddle between mountains, these falls are a great sight to visit in all seasons. However, the most favorable time is August – March as the water level is high during these times.

During other seasons the water is on a low-level still you can enjoy the coracle ride in Bharachukki falls.

Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller
A Common Delusion

A general delusion about these waterfalls is that the left segment is Gaganachukki and the right segment is Bharachukki. In actual, the Bharachukki falls, are some kilometers to the south-west of the Gaganachukki falls.

As the Kaveri river, itself splits a few kilometers into western and eastern branches. The western branch bifurcates in the twin waterfalls of Gaganachukki, whereas the eastern branch results in the Bharachukki falls.

The Gaganachukki waterfalls are best visible from the Shivanasamudra viewpoint, It is the most popular picturesque location of this place.

Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller
Untouched Nature

There is another way to the Gaganachukki falls from the Darga of Imam Ali (un-advisable Route). People climb down the rocks to view the waterfalls from behind/top, despite warnings, resulting in many fatal accidents.

There are few eateries available which serve some snacks and water bottles. This place has an enormous number of monkeys, So be careful while munching.

The average time to spend at this place is 45 Min to 1 Hr. nearby there is one more great place to visit: Sangama-Mekedatu, which I will be individually covering in my future trip along with Bheemeshwari.

After the splashy falls picnic, we resumed our trip towards one of the Cleanest City of INDIA – MYSORE.


A great drive of about 2 Hrs resulted in arriving to the Heritage City of MYSORE.

Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller
Reached 🙂

We directly went to Mysore Palace , it is one of the most visited places in India. It is the residence of the Royal Family of Mysore (Wadiyar Dynasty) and some part of the Palace is open for the Tourists.

Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller
The Great Palace of Mysuru

Mysore Palace is also famous for its Dasara festival, which starts from Navaratri and concludes on Vijayadashami. This festival is known for ritually worshiping and displaying the state’s Sword, Weapons, Elephants, Horses along with Hindu Durga in her warrior form (predominantly) as well as the Vishnu avatar Rama.

Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller
Palace Gate – Currently closed for Tourists – Across the road is Dasara Ground

After Visiting the Mysore Palace, our Next Destination was 2nd Best Zoo of India – The Mysuru Zoo.

The Mysuru Zoo – Also known as Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, is spread in a total area of 157 acres and has been a habitat for 150+ Species.
After a long walk in the zoo, the day was on its climax part, so we decided to stay in one of the Hotels and Resume our Expedition the next Day.

Mysore has many Accommodation Option, you can always book from reliable sources

Casual Eatery in Mysore

Day – 2

Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller
The welcoming City Wakes up with Orange , White , Green Colors

The sun was bright and so were we to explore Mysuru – after some good drives and stroll in the City, we reached the Cleanest Railway station of India – Mysore Station, near to it we had a delicious breakfast at A2B.

Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller
City Architecture of Government Building

And the ignition was on to our first destination of the day which was the Chamundi hill.

View From Zoo of the hill

Sri Chamundeshwari Ammanavara Temple and Jwalamuki Shri Tripurasundari Temple are the two temples located on the Hill.

Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller
Temple with Niche Architecture

 The Darshan timings are 07.30 AM- 02.00 PM; 03.30 PM- 06.00 PM and 07.30 PM – 09.00 PM.

Standing on the Chamundi Hills you can get a drone alike View of Mysore Palace, Dasara Exhibition Grounds, Lalitha Mahal Palace, etc.

view from Chamundi Hills
In case you noticed the Heart Shape

After visiting the hill top which is 800+ Ft above mean sea level, we started to descend and came towards our accommodation to check out and to relax for some time as day was very hot, our next place was Sun-downers paradise – Brindavan Gardens.

I had something more in my fate, as my friend called me to check whereabouts and she advised me to visit a secretive Temple located on the bank of KRS Dam on the backside of Brindavan Gardens. After hearing about the temple I could not stop myself to admire its beauty by my eyes so started Immediately.

While we drive and reach towards the temple let’s take you to the small story with the history of the Temple ….

Venugopalaswami Temple

The then king Of Mysuru started the construction of KRS Dam project in 1909 and by the Year 1930, the original location of the temple and some part of Village were submerged in the water.

Bangalore to Mysore by Smileytraveller
Renovated Temple Structure

The king previously ordered the relocation of the village, but the temple along with two more temples was relinquished. The main idol of Venugopalaswami, Lord Krishna with his flute, was shifted to the recently made temple in the restored village before the old temple was flooded.

The temple again came into existence to the outside world. When in the Year 2000 one of the Liquor Company,  Khoday Foundation took the responsibility to build a temple in the new location, which is 10 km away from Brindavan gardens by road, the temple is now on the banks of KRS Dam.

Hoysala Architecture and the amazing history behind the temple and off course the original location of the Temple makes it a must visit place 🙂

Temple outside premises
My last location of the trip was the Picturesque Brindavan Gardens

This garden is adjoining KRS Dam and magnificent garden was built after inspiration from Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bengaluru. The dam is known for its symmetrical design and its also known for its one of the best terrace gardens of India after Sisodiya Rani ka bagh– Jaipur.

Brindavan Gardens

 The garden is a treat if visited during sunset. It has many lawns, walking tracks, boating services, and there is a musical fountain show in the evening, which increases the evening charm.

Brindavan Gardens
The Vivid Colours of Garden describes its Beauty

There are a lot of local eateries outside the Brindavan Garden, you can always try the food there.
PLEASE DO NOT LITTER. During weekends the road to reach the gardens becomes jam-packed so do plan the travel accordingly.

Small Falls which are made due to KRS Dam water released in moderation

After visiting this clean and dynamic heritage city, we planned our return to Bangalore via Mandya-Ramanagram Route,  there is a lot of cafés on our way back we enjoyed some Veg meal at an eatery.
The overall experience was great, the entry to Bangalore was with a Traffic jam, I was a little tired but the memories of the trip made me sail through it.

Below are some facts about Mysore.with this we will be concluding this Trip.

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Facts about Mysore, which stands it unique from other cities:

1. Mysuru is Famous for Mysuru Silk, Mysuru Masala Dosa, Mysuru mallige, Mysuru Pak sweet, Mysuru betel, Mysuru Bonda, etc…

2. One of Indian naval ship is gets its name after Mysuru (INS Mysore).

Indian naval ship on name of Mysore - INS Mysore

3. Rolls Royce car company names their car collection as “Rolls-Royce Bespoke Ghost Mysore”.

4. India’s first toilet for transgenders started in Mysuru.

we would like to bid adeau from this wonderful trip of Bangalore to Mysore, stay tuned with us for more interesting trips

Thank you for being with us !!!

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