Bangalore to Kodaikanal And Madurai by BIKE

Here I am coming with my bike trip from BANGALORE TO KODAIKANAL.

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I have been sharing my past trips. Which I have discovered in the past 3 years, to inspire my readers to travel these places once things are normal. We had great trips so far, be it exploring the Western Ghats of India or enjoying the Pristine Sunrise on the East Coast, or travel to the Historic Lepakshi or Magnificent Mysore.


A Hill Station, known for its Falls, drives, chocolates, view points, Kurinji flower, and now it’s becoming popular in Tourists because of its MAGIC Mushrooms.

So without taking much time, let’s discover THE GIFT OF FOREST –KODAIKANAL 

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  • Duration of trip – 4 Days  
  • Cost of entire trip – INR 10,000 
  • Mode of Travel – Bike 
  • Travel Route – Bangalore – Hosur –Salem – Karur – MaduraiKodaikanal – Palani – Salem – Bangalore 

We started our journey at 3 PM from MG Road, Bangalore. Roads are ok till salem, we took our first break near 6-7 at Salme to relax and to try some authentic Tamil nadu style food.

SET DOSA IN SALEM by Smileytraveller
Authentic set dosa at Salem

We planned to reach the Hill station by night as the Road quality is excellent, but due to heavy rain in the evening (September- October Month), It was not the right decision to travel in the night on the hilly terrain.
So We took a detour and reached Madurai City to resume our trip after Visiting the Meenakshi temple.

Kalai Vanakkam !!!

We are in Tamil Nadu, a State which gave Birth to Great Personalities like Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam, Viswanathan Anand, AR Rahman, and the list is endless. One of the most famous dance forms of India “Bharatanatyam” also originated here.

It was a hot and humid start of the day in Madurai.

After Authentic South Indian breakfast which includes delicious Idly, and sambhar at Saravana Bhawan, we went to Meenakshi Temple.

Meenakshi Temple

Located in the epicenter of the historical city of Madurai, this architectural marvel is visible from each part of the city due to its sprawling height.

full Meenakshi Temple  view

Spread in 45 Acres, this Beautiful temple depicts the South Indian art.

This Temple consists of 12 towers of different heights, with each tower having thousands of carvings that are well maintained which makes them look vibrant.

And one of my favorite place of attraction was the Golden lotus pond.

Golden lotus in Meenakshi temple
Golden Lotus in Pond located in Temple premises

Hosting 15000 Pilgrims every day, this temple never looks overcrowded due to multiple entries and exit gates.

Another amazing Structure is the 1000 Pillar Hall inside the temple which can be a picture-perfect location.

1000 Pillar hall in Meenakshi temple
1000 Pillar hall in temple . Credits – Holidify

Madurai can be explored more with Thirumalai nayakar mahal and Gandhi Museum are some of the attractions which can complete your visit to this Temple City.

Due to a tight schedule, we packed our bags, grabbed some quick bites, and started our ride to Kodaikanal.

Enroute’ Bangalore to Kodaikanal

The Roads towards Kodaikanal are small but in good condition, it was early morning so we could see the locals traveling to their farms, cattle strolling on the roadside, bullock carts on their own journey.

After a short drive to these village roads, the slopes of the Palani Hills started, Hairpin bend warnings made us cautious about the roads.

How Many Hairpin bends are present on the road?

Answer – 21

As it was the rainy season, we enjoyed the waterfalls sparked from the mountains and our trip from Bangalore to Kodaikanal was going fantastic.

The Manjalaru Dam on the left side was full of water due to recent rains and was shinning with the hide and seek of Sunrise falling over it. 

Manjaluru Dam

After 2 hrs of drive, we could see some of the vehicles standing on roadside.

A little heebie-jeebies stuck me thinking, it could have been a possible JAM but to my surprise, it was the entry to KODAIKANAL and the Silver Cascade Falls were ready to welcome all the tourists.

Silver Cascade falls | Bangalore to kodaikanal by Smileytraveller
Silver Cascade Falls – Credits – Google Images

Chapter 2 – Kodaikanal

The area was crowded and had some shops selling Tea, Coffee, Maggi, Eggs, which are the perfect ingredients for a breezy Day.

These Waterfalls were created by the surplus water of the Manmade lake which is in the center of the Hill Station.

TIP – Be careful with Monkeys.

Lake viewpoint |Bangalore to kodaikanal by Smileytraveller
Lake viewpoint

After the good start of the excursion, we reached the Town Center, which had the main market selling Chocolates, coffee. 

Bangalore to kodaikanal by Smileytraveller
Mushroom growing on lot of places is a common sight in Kodaikanal

We started our Kodai travel by visiting the Famous Rock, it was hiding behind the clouds and all the travelers were guessing its exact location and soon we can see the clouds moving with the wind and here comes the Celebrity,

Pillar Rock
The Pillar Rock.
Pillar Rock | Bangalore to kodaikanal by Smileytraveller
Pillar Rocks

Outside the Rock viewpoint, you can spot a lot of eateries, which sell weather-friendly snacks like Corn, Maggi. 

Our next point of Visit was GUNA caves which was 2 Km from Pillar Rock view point.

Best thing about this hill station is most of the places to see are on a single road and this saves a lot of travel time and tourist can park their Vehicle in staring point and can see all the location by walking.:) 

Guna Caves

This Cave is located in the Dense Forest and its appearance will take you back to the memory lane with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley meeting to the Big Spider. 

Guna Caves inspired from Tamil Movie Guna |
Bangalore to kodaikanal by Smileytraveller
Guna Caves

The caves inspired its name from a Tamil movie Guna. 

Pine Forest  

This was a barren land until 1906 when H.D. Bryant, a forest officer from Madurai started the work of plantation of pine in this area.

Pine Forest takes you to the nostalgic days of the Bollywood era, where the film leads were seen dancing in the forests.
The Pine forests was an entertainment venue as we could see a lot of monkeys playing and jumping like Tarzan. 

Pine forest | Bangalore to kodaikanal by Smileytraveller
Pine Forests

Soon the weather started becoming cold as the sun was setting in the west, so we went back to our hotel to retire for the day.

The next morning it was very difficult to move out as the city was very cold, all thanks to the hotel staff for reminding extra charges on late checkout which helped me to leave at earliest.

Post checkout, next visit was to the City Market to try some Chocolates, but they didn’t taste so great.  But you should try ones as every individual has a different taste. 

After a quick stopover at the city market, we reached our next destination – Coaker’ Walk. 


 This is a stroller path which is on the corner of Mount NEBO.

Coaker's walk | Bangalore to kodaikanal by Smileytraveller
Pic Credits – Holidify

This 30 min walk is an amazing experience as there are large cliffs that give a clear view of the City and its step Farming. 

You can enjoy the walk by clouds passing and also some of the trees on this walk have small wild mushrooms growing.

TIP – Mushrooms can be poisonous so its advisable not to touch them. 

I would recommend personally to take this walk, try taking when there is less crowd so you can feel the nature a step closer to you. 

After this great walk, we went to the famous Lake which is in the centre of this hill station and Bryant park which are some good place nearby to cover. 

Bangalore to kodaikanal by Smileytraveller
Coakers Walk view to the Valley

We took the route towards Palani when coming back and spotted a lot of shops selling Carrots, Radish, Beetroots, the vegetables were glowing with freshness.

The Road towards Palani from Kodaikanal is a different experience altogether as it contains numerous hairpin bends, trees on both sides, traffic is very less due to low popularity.

Palani is a small town in Tamil Nadu and known for its Famous Temple Dedicated to Lord Murugan. 

Apart from the temple – the journey from Palani to Karur is worth taking, the roads are covered with windmills.

windmill on Palani to karur road 
Bangalore to kodaikanal
Windmill Farm Credits – Google

These roads are itself a different zone.  

After Karur, the road connects us to the main highway towards Salem and Bengaluru. and this is the conclusion of our journey from Bangalore to Kodaikanal and return

Mind felt relaxed as it has witnessed one of the Calm and Serene places in Southern India and with a lot of memories we returned to Bangalore.

Maalai Vanakkam 

Thank you !!! 

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