5 Best Beaches of India on the Eastern Coast

We are covering Best Beaches of India on the Eastern Side, India is a country, which has a lot to offer like its Food, Culture, History, Mountains, Falls, and a large number of Water Bodies.

Because of its peninsular shape the country surrounds major water bodies like the Arabian Sea in the west, the Bay of Bengal in the east, and the Indian Ocean at the bottom that makes India an ideal destination for Beach Lovers.

Below are some of the beaches I recommend, so stay connected and check out these beautiful beaches located on the eastern side of India.

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1. Radhanagar Beach :

Best Beaches of India
Credits: makeMyTrip

Located on the Andaman Islands, this beach gave a proud movement to India as it is ranked as the best beach in Asia by Times Magazine, and 7th best in the entire World leaving behind Varkala beach of Kerala.

1 out of 5 beaches not to be missed Eastern side of India.

2. Marina Beach:

Arial view of Marina beach chennai, covering beach and its side road
Best Beaches of India
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It is said that when you are in Chennai, do not miss a sunset here.

Spread in the length for 6KM and holds the title of the longest beach in India.

Globally this beach from Detroit of Asia is 1 Step behind to Cox Beach of Bangladesh. Due to its popularity, this beach is one of the most crowded beaches in India.

3. Tharangambadi :

Tharangambadi beach view with its fort
Best Beaches of India
Credits: rediscoveryproject.com

Also known as Denmark of India, this hamlet is situated 120 KM south of Union territory of Pondicherry.

This town was earlier knows as Tranquebar and was the first trading post for Danish in India. The town offers you the Danish-inspired Fort, heritage museum, Beach-side Cottages and a slight hint of Danish and Tamil culture, this small town was devastated in 2006 Tsunami but the redevelopment has made it again ready to host its tourists with more warmth and hospitality.

4. Chandipur Beach :

Chandipur Beach , Orissa 
Best Beaches of India
Credits: toursorissa.com

This beach is located in the state of Orissa which is famous for its peaceful people, this beach is very unique as when there are low tides the water level goes very far of the beach which gives an opportunity for the tourists to venture the sea beds and people can also drive a bike or car which makes it very very unique and popular among adventure enthusiasts.

Note – Don’t forget to try Pomfrets 🙂

5. Digha Beach :

Digha Beach, Arial View 
Best Beaches of India
Credits: logout.world

West Bengal is famous for its super delicious street food and great literature

Digha is a small resort town located near 200 KM from the Capital city of Kolkata and is now getting popular as a weekend destination due to its increasing inventory of Hotels and Resorts.

You can also visit the Marine Aquarium and Research Centre (MARC) to explore the marine diversity of this area.

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These were 5 beaches on the Eastern coast of India and we are coming with a lot more like the beaches of Puri or Shore temple of Mahabalipuram and will also be covering these places individually.
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