Best Indoor Theme Parks in Dubai

Dubai is a city; known worldwide as a favorite tourist destination. A City that offers thousands of attractions for every member of the family, and it gives tourists a chance to experience everything they could imagine all in one place. Here is a list of the best indoor theme parks in Dubai

Hub Zero 

Hub Zero is the first of its kind indoor theme park in Dubai located on the mesmerizing CityWalk Dubai and ready to transport you into the world of your fullest imagination and creativity.

A visit to Hub Zero allows you to play for endless hours in some of the top immersive gaming facilities in the world. A 15,000 square meter gaming arena ready to entertain. 

A theme park that has PC games, simulators, a virtual reality experience, and many play areas. 

The attractions are many and include shooter games like the gears of war (Laser Siege); where you will be taken to the world of Sera. A journey that will last for 15 minutes and your mission is to shoot any targets you can find. It’s an intense battle scene and can host up to 24 players at the same time.

Hub Zero is one of the best indoor theme parks in Dubai, and ticket prices vary between AED 75 and AED 275, depending on the package and attraction you wish to enter. Truly an experience not to miss. 

Magic Planet 

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Games, rides, a ton of attractions, and so much more are all found at Magic Planet. Located inside the Mall of the Emirates; Magic Planet is an indoor theme park made for all ages is family-friendly and is named the number one arcade; and gaming venue in the UAE, there’s no better reason to visit.

It’s also known as the largest indoor family entertainment center; where families can enjoy a full day of activities and happiness. They even have a soft play section for little ones to enjoy the day. 

Games include Magic Planet’s one of a kind bowling alley “Yalla Bowling”. It was voted as one of the best things to do in Dubai, where families can compete and see who is the top bowler with some of the most advanced digital score-keeping computers and cutting edge video simulations.

Bowling alleys are to help you immerse yourself fully in the game and have a one of a kind bowling experience like never before.


Ticket prices are AED 30 on Weekdays; and AED 35 on Weekends. 

The attractions at Magic Planet also include “Astro Blasters”. One of the top activities in Dubai, where adrenaline reaches an all-time high; and you are taken to the outskirts of space and; must battle your way out and reach the top, hence becoming an Astro Blaster commander.

Ticket prices are AED 60 per person, and the minimum age is five years old. Another game found at Magic Planet is Sky Trail and Climbing Wall; Where you will take up; impressive heights; and enjoy your racing heart as you journey through the phenomenal sky trail; designed to give you an out-of-this-world experience.

It is a challenging and thrilling journey through where your fears will be tested. The ticket price is 60 for climbing the wall 80 for the sky trail, and 120 for both. All these factors truly make Magic Planet one of the best indoor theme parks in Dubai to visit and have a blast. 

The VR Park of Dubai 

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VR Park in Dubai is an indoor theme park located inside Dubai Mall. It is the absolute treat for tourists who wish to experiences rides and games through virtual and augmented reality. It is the biggest virtual reality theme park in the world.

About the Park

The park expands in over 7,000 meters and has over 30 adrenaline rush rides and attractions ready for enjoyment. Some of those rides and attractions are the Burj Drop, the Dubai Drone, the VR Maze, and Sphere; that is the first of its kind in the world with three axes turning VR simulator.

The beauty in all the attractions is that you can share the experience with eight of your friends and enter these extravagant virtual worlds together and experience their beauty like never before.

They are all designed with the latest in technology to give you an all real experience and transport your body into this virtual world; VR park is for all ages; which makes it a family favorite attraction in Dubai. Kids have the option of choosing between the Play Zone, Drifters, and VR Dark Ride.

Ticket prices start at AED 120 per ticket for the VR soft play ticket and starting from AED 200 for the Pay and Play tickets. Open weekdays from 12 PM till 10 PM and weekends from 10 AM till midnight VR Park is truly one of the best indoor theme parks in Dubai. 

Motion Gate Dubai 

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An indoor theme park where families can discover the magic of Hollywood like never before. Motion Gate Dubai is home to some of the biggest Hollywood Studio inspired attractions like Dream Works Animations, Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate, and Smurfs; Visiting each of these attractions includes thrilling rides, souvenir shops, character meets, and plenty of fun. With more than 40 attractions located in four studio zones ready to entertain you, Motion Gate Dubai is the place to be. 

It is considered; one of the best indoor theme parks in Dubai. Attractions include “Hotel Transylvania”, “Zombieland Blast Off”, “UnderWorld 4D”,” The Green Hornet High-Speed Chase, and so much more, There’s even live entertainment as you journey through this one of a kind theme park. A world is full of creative storytelling attractions; where you’re in an all-time real movie experience and is the place to be for families from all around the world, Motion Gate Dubai tickets start at AED 184 and are truly worth the visit.

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This post is by our Guest Author – Ms Pranitaa Purohit