Top 5 most popular Idly in Bangalore

Idly in Bangalore is a staple food We are bringing the top 5 most popular joints that serve this amazing healthy dish.

Idli is one of the most popular Breakfast Item in South India and some parts of Sri Lanka.
Due to it being light on appetite and is prepared with the steaming process, which makes it one of the healthiest breakfast option.

There are a lot of variants of Idli – Rawa Idli, Oats Idli, Chilli Idli, Idli fry, Ragi idli Stuffed idli and my favourite Thatte idli.

On my recent Food trip in Bangalore, below are some of the places I have highlighted.

Do visit them to try this amazing healthy Breakfast dish. 

1. Brahmins Thatte Idli ( My Favourite ) :

top 5 most popular idly in Bangalore
Idly in Bangalore

This amazing Food outlet is located in multiple parts of Bangalore, the best thing about these places are their kitchen is open and its cleanliness will make you more confident to eat these Rice pancakes served with butter which is a different combination but they blend well with Chutneys.

Apart from serving amazing bowl-sized Thatte Idli this outlet also serves Vada, Kesari bath, Puliogere, Shavige bath, Bisibele bath. 

Price for Two – INR 100 /- 
Seating – Not Available  
Address – Multiple locations

2. Veena Stores:

Idly in Bangalore

Another small shop located strategically on the Center of a busy Traffic Junction in Malleshwaram, this shop serves marvellous Idli with coconut chutney (they have a separate staff to pour chutney over your idli, different isn’t it).

They also serve Kesari bath, which is very famous here as people enjoy this sweet dish with Khara bath (Upma).

Price for Two – INR 150 /-
Seating – Not Available  
Address – Malleshwaram, Bangalore

3. Vasudev Adigas:

Idly in Bangalore

This great Restaurant is known for its delicious food and creative pictures which have transformed the movie dialogues into food commercials, the restaurant keeps on doing multiple food promotions throughout the year and it is known for serving dynamic and innovative Dosa’s. 

They serve some of the Idli along with Spicy Sambhar and with Cucumber Coconut chutneys. 

Price for Two – INR 150 /-
Seating – Available 
Address – Multiple Locations 

4. Mavalli Tiffin Room (MTR): 

Idly in Bangalore

Whenever there is a discussion about South Indian food, we cannot ignore this place, MTR now has come into the FMCG market and selling lots of ready to make items.

But its originality lies in the authentic breakfast items.

MTR is the Inventor of RAVA IDLI, during world war 2 there was a scarce supply of rice and in that crucial time one of the creative chefs invented Idli with Semolina ( Sooji ) thus this variation of idli came in the picture.

Table reservation is mandatory as seating on weekends are full. This restaurant has a world record of serving 20000+ Customers in 7Hrs, making it rank in the top 5 most popular idly in Bangalore.

Must-Try – Rava idli and Veg Thali  
Price for Two – INR 250 /-
Seating – Available 
Address – Multiple Locations, the main Restaurant is in Jayanagar ( Prior Table Reservation is Mandatory ) 

5. SLV Corner:

Idly in Bangalore

Located in one of the oldest parts of Bangalore – Basavanagudi, this restaurant serves good soft fluffy Idli which is dipped in sambhar and served with coconut chutney. Most of the places when you order Idli they ask for Dip or separate I recommend to take dipped one. 

Apart from good Idli they also serve North Indian dishes and delicious Dosa and Biriyani. This traditional south Indian place also serves Minestrone Soup ;). and due to variety, it ranks in top 5 most popular idly in Bangalore

Price for Two – INR 350 /-
Seating – Available 
Address – No. 42, Ramakrishna Ashram Circle, Vanvilas Road, Basavanagudi, Vanivilas Road.

These are the top 5 most popular idly in Bangalore tried and tested by me and there are more amazing places to discover near this silicon valley of India.

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Health Tip – If you are looking for weight loss do try Idly as a dinner option or you can try some of these contributed by me to Medium – Best salads.

What is the next item recommendations you require from us?
Please drop in the comment section below and we will try to cover them.

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