Pasta shapes with Pronunciations & Pairings

Very few foods are popular as pasta, so we have brought right pairing for Pasta Shapes and Sauces

Pasta is a dish loved by Everyone, You go anywhere in the world and pasta is something you’ll find everywhere even if you call a friend for dinner, it’s one of the dishes people love to cook or order in restaurants.

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Let’s join the journey of Top 10 Best Pasta Shapes and sauces pair best with them !!!.

Before we scroll for Top 10 best pasta shapes that let’s check out some facts about pasta. 

Where this amazing dish came from.

Did pasta originate in Italy ?

NO …. The pasta was first prepared in China and was brought to Italy by Marco polo and it soon became very popular in Italy.

Pasta is made from Durum wheat, pasta dough is either prepared with water or eggs. Then according to the taste, it is either cooked or baked. Apart from wheat, there are lots of other alternatives used like Rice flour, legumes (which provide a different texture and are gluten-free substitute).

Varieties of pasta

Pasta is a staple food of Italy and very popular across all other countries. This versatile and delicious dish gained popularity as it’s easy to prepare and can be made in various shapes and Sauces. However, it is very important to pair the right pasta types with the right sauce to get more taste out of it. And you won’t believe there are more than 600 varieties of pasta which are known by 1300 different names. OMG!!!!!. 

Due to its amazing popularity, from 1995 25th October is celebrated as World Pasta Day

Top 10 Best Pasta Shapes and Sauces Combination:

In this article, we are covering top 10 best pasta shapes, which shape goes well with which type of sauce !!!!

1. Spaghetti (My Favourite)

Delicious Noodle type Spaghetti pasta for sauce Aglio-E-Olio
Spaghetti Aglio-e-olio, Credits – The Kitchn

This one has a special place in my heart, as this pasta type taste good with all possible sauces. However, this long cylindrical pasta goes best with Tomato Sauce or in other words Marinara Sauce. 

This noodle-like pasta also pairs really well with Carbonara sauce and Aglio-e-olio with grated Parmesan cheese on top and garnishes of fresh basil. 

Pronunciation – spah-GEH-tee|
Boiling Time – 8-12 Minutes 
Goes well with โ€“ Aglio-E-Olio, Puttanesca and Marinara 

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Fun Fact : In US 4th January is celebrated as National Spaghetti Day. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

2. Tagliatelle

Tagliatelle  - a famous shapes of pasta
Mushroom Tagliatelle , Credits- Cooking Channel

This type of pasta is long flat ribbons and best served with classic meat sauces like Bolognese sauce. In Italy Spaghetti Bolognese is not very popular as they prefer Bolognese and meatballs with Tagliatelle. 

Pronunciation tah-lyah-TELL-eh
Boiling Time – 7-10 Minutes 
Goes well with โ€“ Bolognese, Meat Balls, Garlicky Tomato Sauce and Creamy Mushroom 

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3. Fusilli

Pesto is the best suited sauce for fusilli
Pesto Fusilli, Credits – MyRecipes

This is one of the most popular pasta and as it resembles to corkscrew, this pasta is also known as corkscrew pasta and Rotini in the U.S.

Because of its shape, it can absorb sauces very well and brings out flavors the most, Which makes it a house favorite pasta for all and so it shortlisted itself in the top 10 best pasta shapes.
There are lots of changes done to this pasta color. Nowadays in supermarkets, you can easily find spinach and Beetroot Fusilli. 

Pronunciation โ€“ foo-ZEE-lee
Boiling Time โ€“ 10-13 Minutes 
Goes well with โ€“ Pesto, Fusilli ala Caprese and Alfredo Sauce 

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4. Macaroni

Macaroni Masala ready for eating, very famous pasta in India
Macroni Masala, Credits WhiskAffair

very popular and one of the most commonly used pasta. It is that common, people don’t call it as pasta rather its called by Macaroni Only, especially in India.

This elbow shape pasta invented the “creamy cheesy Mac and cheese” dish which is popular in many countries and people enjoy this a lot. As its hollow from inside, this shape is also used with rich meaty sauces as it can take the flavors into it well and makes the pasta delicious.

Macaroni oooppssss….. Macaroni pasta is also used in Salads. 

Pronunciation โ€“ mac-uh-ROW-nee        
Boiling Time – 09-12  Minutes 
Goes well with โ€“ Mac and Cheese and Macaroni Masala (Indian Style)

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5. Penne

Penne pasta, with white creamy sauce topped with chilly flakes and oregano.
Penne Alfredo Pasta , Credits- The Terrace Kitchen

The world has moved to baking lots of dishes, if you want a baked pasta, “Penne and Lasagne” are the best. 

This pasta derived its name as Penne due to it’s shape is like a pen. This tubular pasta goes well with meat-based, tomato-based and Cheesy sauces.

Pronunciation โ€“ PEH-neh           
Boiling Time – 10-13 Minutes 
Goes well with โ€“ Alfredo, Arrabiata and Pesto  

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6. Orecchiette :

a small ear shape of pasta - Orecchiette, prepared in tomato sauce
Orecchiette with Red pepper sauce, Credits – Parents

This pasta came from southern Italy and got its name from its shape (Orecchiette- small ears).

This pasta is also called catโ€™s ear in china.

This is good with meat such as pork and is ideal for vegetable sauces due to its shape. It can bind vegetables and if you want, add meat to it. Will be a cherry on the cake.ย 
I being a vegetarian couldn’t resist but to add this in the Top 10 best pasta shapes

Pronunciation โ€“ oh-reck-ee-ET-tay
Boiling Time – 09-12 Minutes 
Goes well with โ€“ Broccoli Sauce, corn and sausages and Arrabiata  

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7. Farfalle

Farfalle paired with pesto sauce
Farfalle with pesto , Credits -Freya’s Gluten free world

One of the most stylish design of Pasta, also known by names such as butterfly pasta or bow tie pasta. This Pasta can be paired with almost every sauce and it goes best with cheese and tomato-based sauces.

Pronunciation โ€“ far-FALL-lay 
Boiling Time – 10-15 Minutes 
Goes well with โ€“ Pesto , Arabiata , Alfredo , creamy mushroom 

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8. Lasagne

Cheesy baked Lasagne with the seasoning of oregano, garlic and basil leaves
Lasagne with Tomato and Cheese Sauce , Credits – The Wholesome DIsh

These are thin strips, and it is one of the most vintage pasta. It Consists of thin sheets which are baked and in between sheets there is a layer of tomato sauce and meats topped with mozzarella cheese. Best served with the seasoning of oregano, garlic and basil leaves. 

Pronunciation โ€“ luh-ZAHN-yuh 
Pasta Cooking Time – 10-15 Minutes 
Goes well with – Tomato based sauces

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9. Ravioli

Mushroom Ravioli, stuffed with Cheese, spinach, black pepper and nutmeg.
Mushroom Ravioli , Credits – Taste of Mushroom

This pasta is very different from other kinds of pasta, as this is a stuffed with Cheese, spinach, black pepper and nutmeg. This type of pasta is very similar to wontons served in china.

Pronunciation – ra-vee-OH-lee
Pasta Cooking Time – 4-9 minutes
Goes well with โ€“ Mushroom Cream Sauce, Seafood Ravioli and Sun-dried tomato basil sauce. 

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10. Orzo, Stelline

Orzo- a rare known type of pasta with salad
Orzo Mediterranean , Credits-Foodie Crush
Stelline - star pasta soup
Italian meatball soup

Orzo and Stelline are very small shapes of pasta

They are not a meal but people take them with soups and salads as accompaniments and these tiny pasta are very popular in children.

Pronunciation – Orzo โ€“ OR-zoh, Stelline – S-tel-line
Pasta Cooking Time – 3-5 minutes
Goes well with โ€“ Soups, Salads, Risotto and side dish with Lasagneย 

Pronunciation – ra-vee-OH-lee
Pasta Cooking Time –ย 4-9 minutes
Goes well with โ€“ Mushroom Cream Sauce, Seafood Ravioli, and Sun-dried tomato basil sauce.ย 

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