Top 10 Healthy Salads to include in your Dinner

when we think about Healthy salads, the word “refreshing” comes into mind.
Salads are now becoming very popular as a wholesome dish, due to its calorific content, it’s light to the palate and easy to digest.  

Welcome Readers Healthy Salads are welcoming you. !!

Top 10 Healthy Salads That You Can’t Skip To Taste:

Salad is small pieces of Vegetables, Fruits and Meat. Which are tossed in dressings and can be served cold, hot or on room temperature so let’s check out top 10 healthy salads you must try

Top 10 Healthy Salads you must try

1. Caesar’s Salad (My Favourite) :

A fresh garden salad, that has become very popular in recent years.

Caesar salad invented in the USA and because of its amazing ingredients and taste, it became a household common. 

The base consists of Romaine or cos Lettuce, mixed with bread croutons and cherry tomatoes, then tossed together in a dressing of salt, mustard sauce, and lemon (choose sauces as per palate and tastes). It is served with Grilled chicken or Anchovies and Eggs, and it is garnished with grated Parmesan cheese.  

Calories – 44KCAL per 100 Grams

Caesar Salad | Healthy Salads by Smileytraveller

2. Raw Papaya Salad:

This salad is made with raw green papaya and is named som tam in Thailand and Thai Raw papaya salad globally.

Preparation includes shredded raw papaya, which gives a savory and slightly crispy texture. Dry shrimps(Vegetarians may add shredded carrot, cucumbers) are added to increase the flavor of the salad and garnish with crushed peanuts. All added with the dressing of vinegar, soya sauce, and lemon. 

Calories – 111KCAL per 219 Grams

Raw Papaya Salad| Healthy Salads by Smileytraveller
Credits -Archana’s Kitchen

3. Russian Salad:

Also known as Olivier Salad. It was invented in Russia and soon it came to Asian and middle east countries, and derived name Russian Salad. This salad comprises of boiled diced potatoes and vegetables coated in mayonnaise. 

Calories – 273Kcal per 255 Grams  

Russian Salad| Healthy Salads by Smileytraveller
Credits -Enjoy your Cooking

4. Greek Salad:

As the name describes this salad came from Greece. It consists of pieces of Cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, olives and Feta cheese. Dressings include olive oil, oregano salt and pepper.

Calories – 179KCAL per 159Grams

Greek Salad| Healthy Salads by Smileytraveller
Credits – Jessica Cevan

5. Sprouts Salad:

This salad is very rich in protein due to the presence of lots of beans and vegetables. It is low in fat and gluten-free, and a Vegan meal.  

Most people like it spicy, crunchy, tangy. In India sprouts, salad is popular in breakfast and we Indians are very fond of this salad as a post/pre-workout meal

Calories – 58KCAL per 100 Grams

Sprouts Salad| Healthy Salads by Smileytraveller
Credits – Veg Recipes of India

6. Quinoa Salad:

This is a Rich meal salad as due to its dietary contents of protein, dietary fibre, B vitamins. This salad is good for elders and kids due to its nutritional values and easy to digest.

Calories – 296KCAL per 200Grams

Credits -Cookie and Kate

7. Pasta Salad:

This salad is is a very popular among kids as it evolves vegetables and boiled pasta and is served chilled. 

This salad is served as an appetizer or as a side dish, mostly fusilli pasta (can you believe there are 600 varieties of pasta available –  click me to read more) is used in this salad, which gives a great taste as well as appeal to the salad and this wonderful salad is very popular in salad bars.

Calories – 358 KCAL per 150 Grams

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8. Noodle Salad:

These type of salad comes from Asia countries of Japan , China , Indonesia , they do not have any raw vegetables or fruits into it instead, they use minced meat, seafood or noodles and mostly shredded vegetables.  

YAM, PHLA, LAP, TAM are some of the varieties of the other popular Asian Salads.

Calories – 144KCAL per 140Grams

Credits – Noodle Kitchen

9. Fruit Salad:

A fruity dish that is served as an appetizer as well as dessert. This salad is very energetic and can be made with different variations. Accompaniments include honey and spicy condiments. 
Most popular fruits used in this, are pineapple, watermelon, papaya, guava, cherry, kiwi and banana. 

Calories – 50 KCAL per 100 Grams

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10. Watermelon and Feta: 

We spoke about popular fruit salad and here we have “watermelon and feta salad”, this salad is perfect for summers as it has Watermelon, mint and Feta cheese with the dressing of lime juice and olive oil. People serve this salad in Hi tea.

Calories – 98 KCAL per 167 Grams

Credits – The Daring Gourmet


Salads are a very healthy option to eat but we have to check their nutritional values before consuming them. Some of the high calorific foods like pasta or noodles added to enhance the taste but make sure they should not dominate the basic taste of SALAD. 

Do make one of these today in your breakfast, lunch or dinner. 🙂   

What is the next item recommendations you require from us? 

 Please drop in the comment section below and we will try to cover them.

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