Top 5 Haunted Places of India to give you an eerie

We all love ghost stories when on a night out with a friend, or a chat on call, everyone loves to contribute his share of knowledge about scary incidents or places.
Here are some of the Haunted Places of India, I have brought for you to visit these places and feel the different ambiance.

Three kings Chapel, Goa

three kings chruch one of the most haunted places in india
Haunted Places of India

Goa is a state that is famous for beaches, beers, and barbecues.

The party place also has some of the great churches, mainly influenced by the Portuguese culture, and in this Tipsy state lies a beautiful yet spooky Three kings church. 


There was a trio of kings who were looking to become a King of the place, and out of the three, one of them, namely king Holger made an evil plot to kill the other two. 

He invited them for a meal, serving them poison infused food, and this resulted in the instant death of both kings.

But it outraged the people who chased the king to death. 

The bodies of those power-hungry kings were buried near the church located on a hill-top, but it is a tale that they never left the place.

People have heard mysterious sounds, and the church got the name of Three Kings Church.

How to reach
  • Nearest Airport : Goa International Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station : Cansaulim railway station.

Malcha Mahal, Delhi

Malcha mahal delhi
Haunted Places of India

Indian Capital of Delhi is home to many haunted locations like Firoz Shah Kotla Fort and Agrasen ki baoli. These are very popular among all ghost hunters.

People keep on visiting these places but looks like the Humans have scared the spirits as they are now making found in, The Malcha Mahal.

The Palace is located in the Chanakyapuri area of New Delhi, next to the Indian Space Research Organization. People have often heard sounds and have felt scary when around this place. And those who have visited this place have felt negative energy near them.

Unfortunately, this place is litter with liquor bottles, cigarette buds, chips packets.

It is a popular spot for ghost-hunters, vagabonds in the day-time, but at nights the place quietly rests between the thick forest.

How to reach
  • Nearest Airport : Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi
  • Nearest Railway Station : New Delhi Railway Station

Shaniwar Wada, Pune

Shaniwar wada, pune front gate
Haunted Places of India

This Palace is in Pune, apart from its beautiful decoration on Diwali. It is also a popular destination for Ghostbusters, 

There was a young prince who was stab by his evil uncle’s. So the prince cries for help are audible by nearby locals on every full moon night. 

How to reach
  • Nearest Airport : Pune Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station : Pune Railway Station

Bhangarh, Alwar

Bhangarh fort entry gate view

A fort in the Alwar city of Rajasthan and the center of both Delhi and Jaipur, this fort and temple campus is one of the spookiest locations in the world. 

Whenever there is a discussion about Haunted Places of India this place is always mentioned.

The mystery starts from the main gate of the fort with a board by the Government of India says, “Entry prohibited after sunset”.

Story Haunted Places of India

The princess of Bhangarh was beautiful, and after seen her beautu a local occultist who fell in love with her and started performing black magic to control her, but she came to know his evil plans resulting in the culprit leaving the town with a curse to destroy it.

Soon the town became inhabitable. 

How to reach
  • Nearest Airport : Jaipur International Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station : Dausa Railway Station

Kuldhara village, Jaisalmer

ghostly town in Rajasthan - Kuldhara

This town is also known as the ghostly town and is the category of one of the most Haunted Places of India.

Kuldhara village is near Jodhpur city in the state of Rajasthan. It was once a prosperous village that was inhabited by Paliwal brahmins, but it became empty overnight under mysterious circumstances. 

Story of this Haunted Places of India

There are two theories behind it becoming empty, one because of the acute shortage of water. 

The other and what looks more truth is, the lustful minister Salim Singh was attracted to a girl from the village and sent his guards to get the girl.

On hearing his demand, villagers requested the soldiers to return the next morning. The very next day Kuldhara with its nearby villages were found deserted as people left the town overnight.

It is a saying, The villagers who went have cursed the village, so to date, no one has inhibited here.

People have heard mysterious sounds from the entire area.

How to reach
  • Nearest Airport : Jaisalmer Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station : Jaisalmer Railway Station 


All the places have warnings issued by the Tourism department, visit with responsibility.
Hope you visit these Haunted Places of India.

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