Travel tips & Accessories

We believe small things can make a big difference. We have brought some of the Travel Tips and Accessories which were used and with their great ease of use to customers these Gadgets have earned themselves fabulous reviews

Travel is all about a Great journey and Great experiences.

Small things we should take care of, which include eating habits, what amount of baggage you are caring with you, how you are geared up.

Below are some of the Travel tips and Accessories with links to Amazon which can be taken care of while Traveling

I am sure they will help you with your travel.

Travel Tips and Accessories
Travel Tips and Accessories

Travel Accessories

If You are a Trekking lover and worried about charging your cell in midst of Jungle do check this amazing sustainable Solar energy product – FEELE Waterproof Solar Power Bank

Camera( Because Instagram is always Trending )

  1. Nikon D – 3500
  2. Canon EOS 1500D
  3. Sony Alpha ILCES 100L


The less you burdened the more comfortable you are in your journey,

Below are some of the Backpacks comfortable for travel for trekkers and vagabonds

  1. Camping Hiking Trekking – 40 ltr. Travel Backpack for outdoor Camping.
Instant Energy so your Trip is always full of energy –
  1. Instant Energy Drink
Bike Safety Wears –

People are generally more concerned about Cameras, Clothes, and Sunglasses but tend to ignore the main part which is safety.

so we have brought for you some of the safety gears which are really essential for Bike rides.

  1. R.J.Von.- Elbow & Knee Protector.
Beach wear Clothing

Everyone has their own preference in clothing and they do not like to compromise it which is great as your dressing defines you, we have shared below some of the light wear clothes which you can always check, scroll and take as per your choices.

As we said earlier Safety is a primary focus on every trip so always take care of yourself, its fantastic to be adventurous but not at the cost of life.

things to carry while travelling
Travel Gadgets

Safety is must after Covid-19 so do wear a nice mask when in a crowded area


Few General Points to be noted while Traveling which are mostly ignored and they create inconvenience in Travel :  

  1. Bookmark in advance places you are visiting and make sure to interact with locals to get insight on other places in same vicinity.
  2. Always keep your phone and other electronic gadgets fully charged…if possible keep a battery to further charge cell phone so you don’t miss out to click on some beautiful memories.
  3. Carry minimum luggage…don’t carry unnecessary items.
  4. Carry paper soap and  hand sanitizer – need of the Hour now
  5. Keep a small first aid box Pouch of Medicines for common diseases like fever, vomiting, loose motions, stomach ache, headache, etc.
  6. Keep ORS and Electoral to hydrated during Daytime.
  7. Always Carry Mask and Use them in Public areas or with high Crowd.
  8. Don’t forget to carry a photo ID Proof.
  9. People have a high standard of religion. Make sure you respect it.
  11. There are lots of diseases increasing these days and dengue is one of them so we thank Dwik from Taletravels who have crafted some of the Tips for Travelers to prevent Dengue so you have an amazing vacation – click here to know more

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