Types of tea is not a planned post, but the flavor of Tea attracted me to write about it.

I woke up this morning thinking about what should be my next article and decided to have a Masala Tea to get a better idea. I was sipping it, and suddenly I thought, why not write about “the most consumed beverage in the world – TEA” and so I jumped, in conclusion, to start with Types of tea.

Let’s start with a deep breath and a wide smile :).

Tea is also a synonym of energy at least for me, no matter which type of tea you are consuming, every sip of it will help in releasing dopamine which in turn reduces stress and gives you positivity.

so before we move to Types of Tea, lets share with you the below facts.

Origin of Tea?

The stimulating beverage shares its origin country with Pasta, China,

Tea gained its popularity in all parts of the world and, is known for its versatility.

The Biggest Producer of Tea in World?

Tea grows mainly in Asian Countries like China, India, and Indonesia, with China alone producing 35-38% is the biggest producer of Tea. 

India is the 2nd largest Tea producer and Sri lanka is also getting with its Types of Tea.

The Biggest consumer of Tea in the World? 

Turkey is the biggest consumer of Tea in the world. 

Today we have brought 10 most popular types of Tea in the world, let’ scroll below to know more about this wonderful beverage. 

Tea is broadly divided into 5 categories and followed by numerous subcategories that come from Camellia Sinensis plant and some tea nowadays are made with flower and plant infusion which also comes under the category of TEA.

Below are 5 main Types of tea which are classified as per the oxidation process  

  • Black Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Pu-erh Tea
  • White Tea

Top 10 famous Types of Tea in the World :

Below are the 10 most popular types of Tea in the world from different countries, some tea has an interesting story of their innovation like Earl Grey, which was specially prepared for an individual, and now it’s famous all over. Read the below types to know more.

1. English Breakfast :

English breakfast tea
credits: teaFloor.com

As the name suggested, this tea is popular in the United Kingdom and comprises of a blend of Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan black tea.

Popularly consumed with milk and sugar to improve its flavors that are rich and full-bodied. English Breakfast Tea is a popular welcome drink for Guests visiting the UK.

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2. Green Tea:

green tea with honey and lemon

Known for its numerous health benefits, this tea is unprocessed and does not go in the oxidation process like Black tea. 
This preparation is 99% of water and the rest is honey/lemon depending on which flavor you like. 

A myth associated with green tea is that you should consume to lose weight, Encouraging people to drink 10-15 cups of this drink which results in high blood pressure and insomnia.

My Tip: I recommend you to drink responsibly as this tea helps to fight against Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases. 

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3. Masala Chai (my Favorite) :

Masala Chai
credits: theList.com

I am already craving for a Masala tea now and it is very popular in entire India. Indians, I know you are also carving for the same :P.
Masala tea is best served with milk, sugar, and spices like ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, (all are natural herbs that lift immunity and aids in digestion).

Masala tea is a home remedy for cold and sore throat, In India.

There are lots of expensive café’s, bringing lots of fusion to this tea like chocolate or vanilla, but honestly, this one is best in its original version and gives a true feeling when you have it on small tea stall(Chai ki Thadi — in local language).  

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4. Earl Grey Tea :

Earl Gray with lemon
credits: mandymortimer.com

This tea is from England and made by Twinings company for Mr. Charles Grey(former British Prime Minister) by infusing oil of orange, lemon, and grapefruit in black tea. You might have seen in lots of movies serving of this tea with cakes.   

This tea goes best with the topping of the lemon slice, to give it a fragrant, citrus yet smoky taste. this one out of 10 most popular types of Tea has a Hollywood connection as you ‘ll see lot of people sipping this tea in movies.

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5. Jasmine Tea :

credits: gracetea.com

This variant of tea is originated from China and is scented with jasmine blossoms which give an aroma of Jasmine.

It is a tradition to welcome a guest with jasmine tea in some parts of China, and in authentic Chinese restaurants, this tea is served with the food.

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6. Sencha Tea :


A popular tea from Japan and was also very popular in ancient China. Its a Japanese version of green tea which is now as one of the most healthy tea in the world. Because it has the maximum amount of polyphenols in it.

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7. Lemon Tea :

Lemon black tea
credits: yummytummyaarthi.com

Green tea is a healthy drink but lemon tea Is a step ahead and a healthier version of Green tea.

Made by adding lemon juice in black or green tea which results in changing color and taste of tea.

Benefits of this tea are it helps to promote weight loss and improves skin quality. 

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8. Chamomile Tea :


Chamomile tea is prepared by infusing flowers of Matricaria chamomilla plant and is gaining popularity because it doesn’t have caffeine and is very helpful in relaxation and against anxiety.

Tip – Consume this tea before bedtime for a Deep and relaxed sleep. 

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9. Hibiscus Tea :


This is also an infused tea, made by petals of Roselle flower. Its a red coloured tea and gets its red colour from petals of the flower and tastes like cranberry — sounds yummy.

This tea is very beneficial to reduce blood pressure and is a very good source of Vitamin C and so this herbal Tea ranks in 10 most popular types of Tea

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10. Matcha Tea :

Matcha tea with powder

Another popular tea by Japan.

Matcha Tea came in powdered form, the powder’s name is matcha. This tea increases alertness as caffeine content of a single cup of this tea is equal to 4 cups of Green Tea so recommend to drink responsibly.  

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Apart from these, there are some more Teas which are very popular like Barley Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Puer Tea, Peppermint Tea.

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences so enjoy your beverages and drink responsibly.
Keep Smiling 🙂
hope you liked the 10 most popular types of Tea

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