Udupi to Gokarna trip via Murudeshwar

In case you haven’t read my first blog about this trip, I would request you to refer here to Part -1 of the journey to start from the beginning of the trip. Today we have planned our trip from Udupi to Gokarna by road.

Good Morning!!

The day was cloudy but the thrill inside us was as bright as a full sunny day.

After a good riding experience and some great exploration of Varanga-Udupi, we were ready to start our day.

Our body needs a good breakfast to boost metabolism, and a traveler needs a good view to kick start his metabolism so we can start our journey from Udupi to Gokarna.

Next morning,  we went to the recent addition of the Udupi Tourism – Malpe Seawalk.

Malpe Seawalk

After visiting the sea walk, we had a traditional Udupi style breakfast of dosa and idly.
We started our drive from Udupi to Gokarna towards the Murudeshwar, after crossing 45 KM we saw the mesmerizing view of the road covered from sea on the Left and Supernika river on right.

Udupi to Gokarna by Smileytraveller

The location was Maravanthe beach known as one of the most beautiful beaches of Karnataka. You should definitely stop here on your journey from Udupi to Gokarna.

Udupi to Gokarna by Smileytraveller
Maravanthe Beach

After a small stop at this beautiful place, we resumed our Journey towards Murdeshwar. The ride is good as the roads are ideally between small hills with dense greenery. After an hour’s drive, we reached Murudeshwar Town.


Murdeshwer temple is approximate 4 Km inside the main Road. Once you reach the temple premises, you will be stunned by the beauty.

It’s like a bouquet garni  – A gigantic structure of Lord Shiva located on Kanduka Hill, a 22 Floor Gopuram, Murdeshwar Beach.

Udupi to Gokarna by Smileytraveller
View from Raja Gopuram

The Gigantic Shiva, The breath-taking effigy will give you goosebumps and the real beauty of the structure can be experienced live, one can feel the Shiva is in front of him and no camera can capture the beauty of the Great Shiva statue.

Udupi to Gokarna by Smileytraveller

The statue is also second largest Shiva statue in the World and first in India.

Udupi to Gokarna by Smileytraveller

Next to Temple is Raja Gopuram, with an access till 18th Floor for Visitors.

Udupi to Gokarna by Smileytraveller
Murdehswar Panorama from Raja Gopuram

Raja Gopuram charges a minimal fee of INR 5 per person,

Do take the lift to 18th Floor, and get spectacular view of Shiva with Arabian Sea in background.

Udupi to Gokarna by Smileytraveller
even the kid admires beauty of this structure

 Temple and Gopuram closes Between  12:30 PM to 2:30 PM Everyday

There is also a trip to Netrani Island from Murudeshwar. Netrani Island is famous for Scuba Diving. Do check the availability on inquiry before the visit.

It is recommended to visit this Holy town on Udupi to Gokarna trip.

Udupi to Gokarna by Smileytraveller

While we drive and reach Gokarna, you can check out the temples and their history below:


Gokarna has a beautiful history with Lord Shiva –  Shri Mahabaleshwara Swamy temple. This is also one of the temples which were formed with Murdeshwara Temple.

The History is from the Roots of Ramayana  – as Ravan was carrying the atmalinga to Sri Lanka and Lord Ganesh deceived him as a brahmin boy (Gods didn’t want Ravan to take the atmalinga) and placed the atmalinga on the ground.

After the Atma linga got fixed to the earth, furious Ravan tried to uproot it but the linga did not move a little, It spiked anger in Ravan and he propelled the covering of the Linga which landed on different locations, which led to the formation of  Dhareshwara, Gunavanteshwara, Murudeshwara, and Shejjeshwar temples.

Graphical version of the Temples

Related to above History there is another Temple,

The MAHA GANPATI TEMPLE – it was built in honor for Lord Ganesha, as he saved the atmalinga from Demon king Ravan.

There is a small mark on the top of the head of Lord Ganesh idol, which is said to be because of the violent blow by Ravan.

We reached Gokarna during early evening.

Completely stunned by the combination of mountains and very less populated beaches.

Yana to Gokarna Road

Sundown at Gokrarna will give you the Tranquillity.

It Sets in West and so makes the View – BEST

There is a small market near the temples and beach, you can stroll around the market and purchase some local products.

For evening closer, we saw sunset at Kudle Beach.

Accommodation options are very budget-friendly as hostels like Zostel and Namaste Yoga Farm are available.
We booked one of them as the next day was the Great Gokarna Day.

Early Morning View from Zostel Gallery

The next morning, we went to both temples to start the day and followed by breakfast at Namaste Café – which is located on OM beach.

Unfortunately, the place is just overhyped and I would not recommend visiting, as the food quality is very basic but, the prices are Skyrocketing.

This was the only bad experience so far.

Namaste Cafe – the view is good but the staff isn’t

After not so convincing visit to OM beach and the Café, we planned a visit to Honey Beach

Honey Beach trip is an interesting one.
Experience is more amazing than it looks

The Beach is one of the most secluded places, I have ever visited, with not even a single person on the beach.

To reach this beach you have to take a ferry from gangavalli ferry service (near gangavalli Jumma masjid).

Slopes are slippery so be aware

 Ferry Charges –  INR 5 Rs per person and INR 10 for a 2 Wheeler  

After visiting the Honey Beach soul became content and after a light lunch, we started our return journey to Bangalore on the same day.

Visited Mantra cafe for a quick lunch,

This cafe’ serves fantastic food and can cater to Indian as well as foreign nationals, the staff is very interactive and it is a great place for solo and group travelers.

With the tasty lunch, our journey on Udupi to Gokarna trip concluded, and we started our return to Bangalore Via Davangere.


It is famous for its butter dosa that is popularly known as a benne dose. The town is also famous for its textiles.

It was indeed the best trip and once you achieve certain heights the hunger to achieve more increases, with this journey my love for travel expanded, and I decided to travel more often.

Hope you liked my Udupi to Gokarna trip, travel is an integral part of our lives do keep traveling and exploring this world.

Stay Tuned  , Keep Smiling  

Thank you  !!!


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