Salads !!!  The word “refreshing” comes in mind when we think about salads.This healthy starter is now becoming very popular as a wholesome dish, due to its calorific content, it’s light to the palate and easy to digest.   Salad is small pieces of Vegetables, Fruits and Meats. Which are tossed in dressings and can be served cold, hot or on room temperature. Welcome Readers !!!!!! In this post, we are covering some… Read More

A dish loved by Everyone — Pasta 🙂 !!!! Very few foods are as popular as pasta, you go anywhere in the world and pasta is something you ‘ll find everywhere. Even if you meet a friend for dinner, it’s one of the dishes people cook most of the time or order in restaurants.   Welcome friends !!!!!! let’s take you to the journey of shapes of Pasta and Sauces which pair best with… Read More

Biryani is a dish that doesn’t need any introduction. It is something which has got numerous variation as the taste and ingredients are different in all areas it is served. This dish is one of the most popular dish in India, Pakistan and UAE. There are close to 30 Variations of Biryani in India. Can you believe it 30 varieties???This is a wholesome dish is a complete meal in itself and is served… Read More

Kachori is one of the favourite snacks in the Northern India States of Rajasthan, UP and Delhi, this is a deep-fried Maida dish with fillings of Dal or Potato or Onion and in some parts of Rajasthan, MAWA is also used as a filling which makes it served as a sweet dish.  This crunchy savoury dish is served with different accompaniments depending on the tastes some likes it with kadhi, potato curry… Read More

Namaskar Friends and Followers !!! How are you?We hope you are safe and having quality time with your family. During the Lockdown, I have been sharing my past trips. Which I have discovered in the past 3 years, to inspire my readers to travel these places once things are normal. I had great trips so far, be it exploring the Western Ghats of India or enjoying the Pristine Sunrise on the East… Read More

GREAT THINGS NEVER CAME FROM COMFORT ZONES.and same happened with me which later helped to come with smileytraveller Hello Readers and Friends !!!!!! I had always been someone who loves to have laid back attitude. Bike trips were my pastime, but those trips used to be one Day Excursion and I used to travel in a radius of 100-150 km.Gokarna and The Gigantic Shiva in Murudeshwar were always on my bucket list,… Read More