Meet the Author

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy”

– Dalai Lama

We should follow the Roads in our life which makes us Happy. For Me it is Travelling.

Welcome to my world :

Hello Visitor, I Welcome you on this world of Travel and Food, let me take you a little further into it but before that below is Introduction about me and what is Smileytraveller all about.

I am Sachin, Professionally a Business development Professional with Reputed Hotels and a Social Media Manager, who is a dedicated Travel enthusiast, Biker, Travel expert and a Travel Blogger with one of the largest Travel Community from past 4 years and counting.

Traveling flows through my blood, As I Raised up in one of the most Beautiful Cities “ The Pink City – JAIPUR”, of India, which made Traveling my Desire.

After spending plentiful time in NEW DELHI, my Desires turned into Hobby and my love for food started developing from Delhi as the Indian Capital is known for its delicious street food

Currently, I Stay in BENGALURU – Silicon Valley of India, which has helped me to convert my Desire into passion and to help the fellow travellers i have introduced this Blog Site.

My Way of meditation are Road trips, which shifts the mental focus on-road and all tensions which get piled up in mailbox are quarantined for those moments.

Making it easy to register the memories from my Rides and to Stay intact with me.

Also a True lover of Food, I fall for reading a lot about Foods, their benefits, the presentations, which helped me to curate the section of Most popular.

You can also follow me on Instagram to know more about my Food trails.
That was all Introduction about me, now lets meet my venture Smileytraveller


“The Travel might be Small but the Journey Will last forever”.

– Smiley Traveller

Smiley Traveller is all about sharing the Journey through my eyes.

Being a travel enthusiast, I always love to share my journey, which can inspire fellow travellers, we have also crafted Some tips and Gadgets which can be a really beneficial resource for you while travelling and also we are willing to promote local Food and Culture to give an insight about that place to my readers and It also takes us to the memory lane of the trip and I feel I am virtually revisiting those places.

Smiley Traveller loves to explore and share the maximum about the beauty this Earth Contains. Life is small, live it fully, Keep travelling and keep smiling.

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That was introduction about me and smileytraveller
Thank you for staying in this Journey with us and in the end we just want to say,
A smile brings positive energy in our life, which is getting scarce day by day. Our focus is to bring a smile on the Reader,  the locals who we meet and exchange smiles, the fellow travellers, and of course the sinking Business which we can help to revive back and get great profit margins this helps us to create a happy Ecosystem.

Stay connected with us by your comments.

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Love from
Sachin Mishra