Discover Moon Lake in Utah and the eerie hiking trails nearby!

Discover Moon Lake in Utah and the eerie hiking trails nearby!

Few people are aware of Moon Lake, Utah, which is a hidden treasure in Duchesne County’s Uinta Mountains. Both residents and visitors may benefit from the stunning environment by engaging in a variety of outdoor activities. To make it easier for you to plan the ideal vacation, we’ve included thorough descriptions of Moon Lake, Utah, as well as details on how to get there and what facilities are offered at the Moon Lake Resort.

We want to provide you all the information you need to prepare for your vacation, from driving instructions to the hiking paths that go up to the lake. We’ll go over all of the services Moon Lake Resort has to offer and highlight a few of the unusual animal encounters you could have while there.

We’ll also discuss some of the most intriguing haunting trails around Moon Lake and the ideal time of year to explore this breathtaking location on Utah’s South Slope. Find out more about Moon Lake’s fishing prospects and tranquil retreat in the middle of nature.

Directions to Moon Lake, Utah, shown on a map

A magnificent natural marvel just waiting to be found is moon lake utah, which is tucked away in the Ashley National Forest in Duchesne County. Travellers are welcome to take their time and appreciate the beautiful surroundings as they drive through the Ashley National Forest. The trek may be started from either the Mountain Home Junction or the Cal Clark Flat Trailhead, both of which have breathtaking views of Utah’s southern slope.

For visitors who wish to explore the region, Moon Lake Resort offers a number of options, including cottage and boat rentals. The fabled Moon Lake Monster, which is claimed to reside there, is another thing that makes it famous. Before you begin, be sure to visit the website and get acquainted with the information about the price and services provided there.

Visitors from Salt Lake City and the surrounding area may access Moon Lake, Utah, with ease due to its proximity. The trails around this gorgeous lake in Northern Utah will be the main emphasis of the next section.

The Routes that Lead to Moon Lake

There are several hiking trails, including those that ascend into Brown Duck Basin and East Odyssey basins, that provide breathtaking views of the landscape at various places. These challenging hikes are ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors and want to take in Utah’s stunning beauty.

Those who decide to take on the challenge of the Brown Duck Basin Trail will be rewarded with views of glistening lakes, lush forests, and open meadows. The whole round-trip distance is 8 miles, and the elevation increase is around 1800 feet.

The more difficult East Odyssey Basin Trail, which travels a greater distance (12 miles round trip) and reaches a greater elevation (almost 3,000 feet), is also an option for experienced hikers. You’ll get breathtaking views of Moon Lake and the surrounding mountains as you stroll.

No matter whatever path you take, the beauty around Moon Lake is breathtaking, and nothing can prepare you for it.


Some of Utah’s most breathtaking sights may be seen by taking the time to stroll around Moon Lake. Given the extensive range of activities offered at Moon Lake Resort, you may customise your holiday to your tastes.