What are the top mistakes to avoid when selling your property?

Selling your home or investment property is an exciting yet stressful process. With so much on the line financially, you want to avoid any costly mistakes that could jeopardize the sale. Be aware of these top blunders to steer clear of when listing and showing your property. Overpricing your property is the biggest mistake sellers make. Set a realistic asking price based on comparable sales in your neighborhood. Recent sold prices for similar homes set the market value. Pricing it too high will deter buyers and mean longer market time. Price it correctly from the start to sell efficiently.

Ignoring small repairs

Fix any minor repairs and attend to maintenance issues before listing your property no matter how small they seem. Cracked grout, torn screens, sticky doors, cracked tiles, or light fixtures in disrepair say the home has been neglected. Take care of minor fixes so buyers focus on the home’s assets instead of flaws. A home’s exterior and landscaping must make a stellar first impression. Tackle overgrown bushes, dead plants, weedy flowerbeds, faded exterior paint or fiberglass, and messy yards. Power wash siding. Paint the front door. Buyers judge initially by curb appeal so ensure it is immaculate.

Cutting corners on cleaning

Buyers want to envision living in the home, not renovating it. Clean thoroughly, declutter, remove personal items, and make each room sparkle. Clean carpets, windows, walls, cabinets, appliances, and baseboards until they practically gleam. A clean home photographs beautifully online too. Smells make a strong impression when viewing a home in person. Eliminate any odors from pets, cooking, mold, or mildew. Air out the home. Use deodorizers and positive aromas like fresh flowers or baked goods. You want a welcoming smell instead of unpleasant odors. Ask someone else to sniff test your home pre-listing.

Letting pets roam during showings

Keep pets secured or out of the house during showings. Many people are uncomfortable around unknown animals or have allergies. Barking dogs and jumping puppies are disruptive. Take pets to a friend’s house or crate them to keep them calm and give Real Estate in Phangan buyers space to view your home. An overstuffed home is a red flag for buyers. Remove knickknacks, extra furniture, piles of magazines, overflowing closets, and crowded countertops. Streamline each room so buyers focus on the home’s best assets. Rent storage or a pod to eliminate clutter before listing. The goal is for buyers to envision their belongings.

Most buyers expect some negotiation on price or contingencies. Avoid stubbornly refusing to bend on your asking price without counteroffers. Be prepared to negotiate reasonably to get the sale done. State your case for the home’s value, but adapt pricing to what the current market will bear. Minor upgrades like new stainless steel appliances, updated lighting fixtures, and new cabinet hardware or faucets go a long way. Outdated details scream for further renovations. Freshen up finishes so buyers feel good about the home’s condition and future resale value. Focus upgrades in the kitchen and bathrooms. Showcase your property’s full potential with a complete set of high-quality listing photos. Capture each room from multiple angles at optimal times of day for lighting. Include exterior shots and drone photos if possible. Listing photos is critical for generating buyer interest sight unseen.